I am the artist behind Jennifer Vaudo Art and I'm so happy you are here. This online space of mine was quite simply born out of my passion for making art. I've been somewhat of a creative type for as long as I can remember and have always been drawn to the arts.  I discovered watercolor painting, shortly after our youngest daughter was born, and I have been hooked ever since.  

I grew up on the East Coast of Florida and spent much of my childhood in or around the ocean. It was the type of place where surfing reigned supreme and flip-flops were the norm. So much of my work is inspired by these coastal spaces and tropical places I call home. 

I start most of my pieces by sketching out the image and then slowly bring it to life with color. All of my original artwork is hand painted using watercolor as the medium.

I am truly excited to share this space with you!  As always...thank you for being here. I hope you enjoy looking around.

Want to see what I'm currently working on?  Find me on instagram @jennifervaudoart